Why crossfit?

CrossFit is the most effective, and fastest growing strength and conditioning training method in existence.  CrossFit training is based upon a workout system of constantly varied functional movements executed at a high intensity level.

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CrossFit is a fitness revolution focused on functional movements that are natural, multi-joint movements, performed from the body core to the extremities.

A typical training session lasts about an hour – hard and fast – conducted in a group together with other CrossFitters, creating an atmosphere of team support & motivation, intensity, and fun!

CrossFit is always performed under the guidance of a certified coach, who will ensure proper mechanics and consistency, and monitor your performance & progress.

What is CrossFit?

What is crossfit?

If you're new to CrossFit (or only know it from the Netflix series!) check out this short video to find out what it's all about and hear from other CrossFitters.

benefits of crossfit

CrossFit Community

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We recognise that the needs of an 80 year old Grandparent, a Firefighter and a Professional Athlete will differ by degree and not kind. That's why we scale the programmes to suit you, so every class is accessible to every CrossFitter.

CrossFit Health

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Most of our classes are group based which creates a fun & friendly, competitive atmosphere, but also allows you to meet like minded people who will encourage and push you towards your goals.

CrossFit Performance

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CrossFit will help with weight loss, fat loss and development of lean muscle mass. Other benefits include increased overall strength, improvements in mobility and overall cardiovascular fitness. Most importantly... it's fun!

CrossFit Training

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By attending one of our classes you are not just turning up to a gym aimlessly... our hand tailored workouts created by our fully qualified instructors are designed to keep you engaged whilst pushing you to reach new limits.